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NextHome Beyond

A Real Estate Company that goes BEYOND

About Travis Hiatt

Hello, I'm Travis Hiatt I'm the broker and owner of NextHome Beyond in North Liberty, IA.  I work primarily in the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids metro areas of Iowa.  I love Real Estate and sales and have been doing both since 2003 when I got my license.  I quickly realized that I wanted to take my business and career to the "beyond" level and I obtained my broker's license in 2007.  After several great years in sales, I transitioned to a management and training role with a regional company in the CR and IC areas.  After that, I moved into a CEO/Team Leader position (basically recruiting and training), shortly after I knew it was time for me to start out on my own.  

My research lead me to many different options, but what caught my eye the most was a company that was growing fast because of its technology and people, because after all, this is a people-first business.  It's always about the people first and the deal last, in fact, the hashtag and TRUE company mantra is #HumansOverHouses and that coupled with everything else they offer I knew I wanted to be part of it...boom NextHome Beyond is born in 2019. 

The main reason for the name NextHome Beyond.  That's what I do, and I know that's what my clients deserve, "Beyond" service.  You can call it cliche', but going "Above and Beyond" or "service Beyond the sale" is truly what I strive for in myself, my business, and our agents.  

I work with buyers and sellers primarily in residential sales and I pride myself on being well educated on the ins-and-outs of the business and sharing that knowledge with buyers, sellers and agents, both my own NextHomies (that's what we call ourselves) and training others on different ways to improve their business.

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